Conference Unit

Large sound-insulating meeting room for 4 to 6 persons. All-purpose cabin for meetings, work sessions, video conferences as well as for relaxation purposes. Available in 19 different finishes.


  • Spacious soundproof meeting pod for 4-6 persons
  • For meetings, video conferences, work sessions
  • Flexible access: Glass elements interchangeable - door can be placed  on the right, left or front side
  • To be furnished individually
  • Excellent sound absorption due to double walled bricks
  • No external noise in the pod
  • Inside conversations can not be overheard from the outside
  • Special absorbers create pleasant room acoustics


  • 100 cm glass door and 100 cm windows made of laminated safety glass with sound insulation
  • 2 electric strip with 3 sockets, 2 LAN and 2 USB ports (Sockets and power connection cable available for DE/UK/CH/FR )
  • Very silent ventilation system with hygiene filter (controlled by motion sensor)
  • Dimmable LED light (with switch)
  • Door hinge right or left available
  • Ramp offers barrier free access (optional)
  • Dimensions: 316 cm x 286 cm x 238 cm (outside), 300 cm x 270 cm x 204 cm (inside)
  • Minimum ceiling height 260 cm

An increasing number of companies wants to benefit from open work spaces to contribute to a positive work culture and to use a given space for more people in order to reduce real estate costs. But in shared office spaces work flow suffers due to frequent interruptions and a rising noise level: employees well-being and satisfaction decreases and productivity declines. Privacy becomes increasingly important. OFFICEBRICKS offers a fully modular cabin system that is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble while creating sound absorbing work and privacy areas.

The OFFICEBRICKS Conference Unit is a freestanding soundproof acoustic-pod which is easy to assemble and can be used “plug & play” immediately. The door and window elements are interchangeable enabling flexible alignment of the access (front, left or right side)  to the floor plan.  Both left-handed or right-handed doors are available. Equipped with three windows and a door the Conference Unit is the ideal place for meetings or video conferences. The pod can be individually furnished with desk and  4-6 chairs in standing or in sitting height as well as with a media wall. Barrier free access is possible with an optional add-on ramp. The OFFICEBRICKS Conference Unit- the best acoustic solution for additional soundproof meeting rooms and more privacy in open plan offices.


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