Information on the Covid-19 situation

  • In the current situation, the well-being of our employees is our top priority. All employees in the administration have the opportunity to work from home.

  • Our production has been reorganised in such a way that social distance is fully maintained. This enables us to continue our production at a normal level.

  • As we produce in Germany and our suppliers are also located in Germany to a large extent, we assume that we will remain fully capable of supplying in the coming months.

  • In this way we hope, together as a team, to master this difficult time. We are available for you at any time - please understand if occasionally a reaction is slowed down. This is due to the changed processes, but is important for the protection of everyone.

  • The surface of our Officebricks acoustic pods, the décor chipboard, is compatible with disinfectants.

  • It is only important to ensure that it is wiped off thoroughly after application. There must not be any water pearls of dampness etc. on the surface. This leads to stains or can cause the surface to swell. If it is done the right way, it doesn’t have any impact on the acoustics.

What’s so unique about the OFFICEBRICKS concept?

  • OFFICEBRICKS is the leading sound insulating cabin system for professional use in office, fair trade and industry environments which can be simply assembled due to its modular design. No time-consuming drilling, screwing or gluing required.

  • All components are standardized and precisely prefabricated. Due to the modular design, the cabins can be easily transported and flexibly adapted to the available space. Our cabins are not fixed installations, so that the units can simply be dismantled and reassembled like furniture elsewhere during removals. The disassembled cabins require little storage space. Thanks to the brick principle our cabin systems are also outstandingly suited for trade fairs and road shows. 

How long does the construction of the cabins take?

  • The assembly times, especially for the Phone and Work Unit, are very short. Our fitters need less than an hour to set up a Phone Unit. Phone and Work Unit can also be set up on your own with the help of our assembly instructions, comparable to furniture. No special assembly knowledge is necessary. For the larger cabins we recommend the installation by us or a trained partner of our network. We are pleased to offer our commercial partners additional training as part of the initial delivery, so that future projects can also be handled with your own fitters.

  • The cabins consist of easy-to-handle bricks. The components can therefore be easily transported to the installation site, if access is restricted or (loads)-lifts are not available. The cabins easily be dismantled and rebuilt at another location.

How much space do the cabins need?

  • The exact dimensions of the various cabin sizes can be found in the product descriptions. In addition, the cabins can be placed directly against the wall. The minimum room height should be 2.60 m.

How high is the sound insulation of the cabins?

  • Our cabins offer very good two-way sound insulation in both directions, e.g. no noise enters the cabin from outside and conversations that are conducted in the cabin cannot be heard from outside. OFFICEBRICKS combines optimum sound absorption with a natural and pleasant feeling of privacy. Our customers confirm that OFFICEBRICKS creates excellent soundproofed work and rest areas in open spaces.

  • Now there are no binding and comparable tests for sound insulation measurements for this product category. Nevertheless, we have had our cabins tested by an independent certified institute and have achieved a sound insulation value of 34 dB. Since the laboratory conditions place extreme demands on the product, the values in a natural environment can be significantly higher.

  • What is the difference between the 4 OFFICEBRICKS cabins, Phone Unit, Work Unit, Meeting Unit and Conference Unit?

  • All 4 Units are double-walled soundproof cabins for professional use in the office, trade fair and industrial sector. They only differ in size and different interior fittings defined by the area of application. Sound insulated doors and windows made of laminated safety glass are used in all units.

Can the positions of windows and doors as well as the door stop be changed?

  • Our cabins can be equipped with the door opening to the left or to the right. For Meeting and Conference Unit, the position of the door can be exchanged with each window. This offers our customers a high degree of flexibility in the interior design of our cabins.

How good is the air circulation in the cabin?

  • OFFICEBRICKS uses a sophisticated ventilation system including a dust filter and its own additional sound insulation to ensure minimal noise pollution with the best possible air quality. The fans are installed in the roof of the cabins.

What electrical equipment do the cabins have?

  • OFFICEBRICKS cabins are simply connected to a socket with a plug. The cable outlet is located at the rear lower corner of the cabin. If desired, the electrical connection can also be made via the roof or a so-called back plug on the back of the cabin.

  • The cabins are equipped with high-quality, integrated electrics. The internal sockets and the power supply cable can be supplied in country-specific versions, e.g. for the UK, France, Australia or Switzerland.

    Phone Unit and Work Unit:

    Interior fittings: 3 safety sockets, 2 Ethernet and 2 USB ports

    External connection: 1 power connection cable, 2 network cables

    Light and fans are controlled by motion detectors and switched on when entering the cabin.

    Meeting Unit:

    Interior fittings: 3 safety sockets, 2 Ethernet and 2 USB ports

    External connection: 1 power connection cable, 2 network cables

    The fan is controlled by a motion detector and switched on when entering the cabin. The light is dimmable and is switched on and off via the radio-controlled light switch.

    Conference Unit:

    Interior fittings: 2 panels each with 2 sockets, 2 Ethernet and 2 USB ports

    External connection: 1 power connection cable, 2 network cables

    The fan is controlled by a motion detector and switched on when entering the cabin. The light is dimmable and is switched on and off via the radio-controlled light switch.

  • Add On is an OnAir sign that lights up when the cabin is occupied.

What is the power consumption of the cabins?

  • The electricity consumption depends on the temporal use of the cabins.

    Phone / Work Unit:

    ON Air 3 Watts + LED Panel 22 Watts + 1x Ventilation 6.2 Watts max. = 31.2 Watts

    Meeting Unit:

    2 x LED Panel 22 Watts + 2x Ventilation 6.2 Watts max. = 56.4 Watts

    Conference Unit:

    6 x LED Panel 22 Watts + 3 x Ventilation 6.2 Watts max. = 84.6 Watts

How high is the voltage?

  • 230 V/50 Hz    16 A

What is the power of the light?

  • Light colour 840

  • Colour temperature 4000K

  • Lifespan 50000 h (L70 / B10)

  • System Power 22 W

  • Energy Efficiency Class LED A +

  • Phone and Work Unit: 1 Panel

  • Meeting Unit: 2 Panels

  • Conference Unit: 6 Panels

Do I also have mobile phone reception in the cabin and can I use the existing WLAN?

  • You can use the existing WLAN network in our OFFICEBRICKS cabins. In addition, the cabins have Ethernet connection option. The use of mobile phones and tablets is also possible as our Units are made of wood except for the doors and special acoustic absorbers that allow mobile phone signals to pass through.

What about the fire protection of the cabins?

  • The outside material of OFFICEBRICKS cabins consists of decorative chipboards, which can withstand the attack of a small flame for a longer period without significant flame propagation. In addition, when exposed to a single burning object, the material shows a limited lateral spread, no burning dripping and a limited amount of smoke released in accordance with the requirements of classification D-s2, d0 / EN 13501-2 of the Building Products Regulation. The absorber material meets the requirements of B -s2, d0 classification.

Can the cabins be connected to fire sprinklers?

  • OFFICEBRICKS cabins can be connected to existing sprinkler systems. For this purpose, recesses for the sprinklers must be provided in the appropriate places on the roof of the cabins. We create the necessary templates together with our customer. The sprinkler systems themselves are not part of the OFFICEBRICKS scope of supply but are provided by the customer on site.

  • Please contact us to clarify further questions and details.

Which certificates do the OFFICEBRICKS cabins have?

  • Officebricks cabins are CE certified. Currently, our CE certificate covers the following EU directives:

    • All relevant provisions of the Directive on the provision of electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits on the market (2014/35 / EU),

    • all provisions of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30 / EU),

    • the provisions of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125 / EU) and

    • the provisions of the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2011/65 / EU {RoHS2})

  • The following standards were applied: Low voltage: EN 60335-1 {VDE 0700-1} (DIN EN 60335-1: 2012) / EN 5016 {VDE 0700-500} EMC: EN 55032: 2012; EN 55024: 2010; EN 5501

Are the products environmentally friendly?

  • By selecting high-quality and durable materials, we attach great importance to the sustainability of our products and use recycled (PET absorber) and recyclable material (chipboard and wood fiber).

How do I order an OFFICEBRICKS cabin?

  • You can send your inquiry directly to [email protected] or make an appointment in our showroom in Frankfurt. We look also forward to a telephone call from you to advise you without obligation.

How long does the production take?

  • The OFFICEBRICKS cabins in standard design (white bricks with anthracite absorbers) have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks, all other Units have a production time of approx. 6-8 weeks.

  • How heavy are the Units?

    Phone Unit: approx. 450 kg, incl. packaging 590 kg

    Work Unit: approx. 600 kg, incl. packaging 790 kg

    Meeting Unit: approx. 870 kg, incl. packaging, 1.150 kg

    Conference Unit: approx. 1.545 kg, incl. Packaging 1.875 kg

Does OFFICEBRICKS offer a warranty?

  • Our OFFICEBRICKS cabins are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of delivery for repairs and spare parts. After the end of the warranty rights, possible shipping and packaging costs will be charged to the buyer if the warranty is claimed. This warranty does not cover vandalism, improper handling or maintenance of the cabin. The cabin is an indoor cabin, therefore damage resulting from „outdoor“ use is not covered by the warranty. Due to its design and construction, the goods generally have certain manufacturing tolerances. In addition, due to recurring, improper disassembly and assembly of the goods may result in functional impairments or technical, optical or qualitative inadequacies or wear and tear. Neither manufacturing tolerances nor signs of wear shall constitute a defect but shall be deemed a quality agreed between the parties. The occurrence of manufacturing tolerances and / or signs of wear does not entitle the customer to refuse acceptance and do not lead to warranty claims.

    The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have at [email protected] .